What is this site about?

Nail polish! It it isn't about Polish culture, Poland or anything related to Polish culture or Poland. If you were looking for such a web site, I apologize. Try this Google search.

What's the best way to apply nail polish?

In my personal experience the BEST way is:

-Wash your hands, scrubbing your nails and cuticles to remove any dirt or oily residue. Pat dry and allow to dry thoroughly.
-Apply a clear or neutral colored base coat.
-Shake your polish well and apply two coats, allowing to dry between coats. A blow dryer on low or cool setting will help with this.
-Apply one or two coats of a fast-dry top coat.
-Allow to dry completely (harden) before doing anything that may dent your nail polish or leave smear marks.
-Apply your favorite hand moisturizer, because everyone will look at your nails when they are painted!


-Apply two coats of your nail color followed by a coat of fast-dry top coat. Allow to dry completely.


-Apply two coats of nail polish and allow to dry completely.

Where do you find inspiration?

Nature, art, life. I try to draw inspiration from everywhere.

Do you offer custom nail color creation?

Yes, but I don't have shopping cart options set up for this yet.

Questions? E-mail me at moderncountrymom@gmail.com

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