Sunday, July 22, 2012

For all you "Frankeners"

Do you mix intuitively, have an artistic background, or use a color wheel/mixing guide? I have an artistic/creative background, so mixing color is extremely intuitive for me. I occasionally consult a color wheel or a mixing guide for mixing ratios if I want a specific result, but for the most part it's intuition and experimentation.

Sometimes pigments will react differently than expected, or have a quality that wasn't apparent in the dry state, so I'm left scratching my head.

What's your MO?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bulk order update

Just a quick update. I received word from my supplier that my order will not ship until 7/23. Needless to say, I am disappointed. I realize they probably deal with much larger orders than mine on a daily basis, but I spent quite a lot (a shitload really) of money with them for a 6-8 week lead time and now another week of delay. If I do another bulk order in the future, I will probably seek alternate sources.

The bad news is, I will be out of town on vacation next week and won't be back until 8/1. The good news is, I had the order shipped to another location because an adult over 18 has to sign for haz-mat shipments, so the product will be delivered during my absence.

Again, I'd like to thank everyone for your participation and your patience. I really hate being at the mercy of a supplier.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

An update and some fun stuff!

For those of you following the bulk buy, my ship date is 7/16, which is Monday. I hope this means I'll have the product by the end of the week and can start shipping it out. Can I get a "hell yeah!"?

This has been an incredibly long and stressful process, and I appreciate everyone who made this buy possible.

Now, for the fun stuff.

I decided to try my hand at nail stamping. I picked up the Salon Express Nail Stamping Kit, not expecting much, to be honest. I've tried stencils, brushes and all manner of nail art with little success. Surprisingly, stamping is easy.

I used:

Salon Express Nail Stamping Kit (Plates SE18 butterfly and SE22 floral block)
Essence Colour & Go - Just Rock It! (base) - I'm not sure this color is still available. Deep royal blue with a hint of purple.
An as yet unreleased metallic blue from Polishous (allover floral pattern)
Pure Ice - Super Star! (butterfly)
Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

I had quite a collection of nail polish before I started making my own, and I'm trying to use it occasionally.

I painted the base coat, stamped on the flowers, put on the top coat and decided it needed more. I added a butterfly. I have never tried other stamping plates before, but I really don't like the scraper with this one. It scratches the plates and doesn't really take off enough of the polish around the edge of the design. I'm looking for an alternative. Suggestions?

It's a little smudgy up close, but ever so cute from the appropriate face-to-foot distance. I haven't finished cleaning the edges yet either, so please ignore the extra polish on my toe. It's not perfect, but I like it and it will do for a pedicure!

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