Saturday, March 3, 2012

Polish is ready! (Almost)

I have twelve colors of nail polish ready for sale...well, almost. They are mixed, bottled and partially labeled. All that's left to do is take pictures and put them up for sale. My goal is to have that done no later than Monday.

Here's the lineup:

Almost But Not Quite - Deep purple that almost looks black.
Midnight - Deep blue with bright blue glitter. This one is a real eye-catcher!
LBD - A bright, creamy and classic red.
Orango-Tango - Bright orange-red with orange glitter.
Peach Blossom - A limited run color. This one was an oops that turned out really pretty. Orange-fuchsia color play.
Magento - Bright fuchsia/purple shimmer
Bottle Garden - Bright apple green base with blue and green glitter.
Fresh - Classic Kelly green
Tealishous - Shimmery teal
Summer Gold - Shimmery gold
Polished - Shimmery silver
Star Dust - This is a personal favorite of mine. Eight colors of glitter in a semi-sheer silvery white base.

Unfortunately, this is all I have to offer at the moment. I'm still waiting on some supplies and equipment to come in. I can't wait to upload pictures and produce the rest of the colors!


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