Sunday, March 25, 2012

New glitter polish

As promised, I have four new colors of glitter made. I have not, however, bottled or labeled them yet.

Meteor: While not an obvious choice for many, the translucent blue base with copper glitter is striking. Even though it looks great on its own, it looks just as good over a dark opaque base. I tried it over denim blue and black and it really popped.

Blue Heaven: Four shades of blue glitter in a semi-sheer silvery base.

Purple Prose: Every color of purple glitter I have at my disposal in a clear base.

An Eternal Glitter: With red, orange, pink and bright blue glitter in a transparent pink base, this looks like flames flickering across your fingertips.

I also have a really glittery silver glitter and a really glittery gold glitter, but I haven't taken pictures of them yet. There are a couple I've been playing around with that I'm not sure I like, so stay tuned.

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