Saturday, March 31, 2012

More new colors

All these new colors will be available in the store very soon! April 2 is the plan. Please ignore my poor manicuring skills (air bubbles and smudges) and the state of my thumbnail. These were taken quickly in mid-day sun. I have two blues coming soon too, but they aren't quite ready for prime time. One is a bright turquoise and the other is a dark smoky blue. This set is all about the pink (and purple!)

Nette. Made for Lonnie's mom, this is a rich violet somewhere between pink and purple with just a hint of brown.

Ro-Ro's Rose. I made this for my mom by matching a ten year old bottle of nail polish that was almost empty. A sparkly, pink-brown.

Azalea. REALLY bright pink, perfect for when you want to show off a great pedicure or manicure.

Caramel. Part of the nudes collection, this is a warm dark beige for medium to dark skin tones.

Cotton Candy. Also a part of the nudes collection, great for fair skinned folk. If your skin is several shades darker than this, you might want to use a white or beige base coat for maximum opacity.

Phlox. This is purple at its finest. Deep, rich and saturated with color.

Here's phlox with a top coat of Purple Prose, one of my new glitter colors.

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